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Thank you for your interest in Rebuilding Together South Sound! Please fill out the information below so that we can determine for which project your skills would be most useful. If you are working on Rebuilding Day with your company, your Volunteer Coordinator should have told you the name of the project and you should choose that name in the drop-down box for Project.

If you are new to RTSS or are a return volunteer, but are not coming with a sponsoring organization this year, please choose Individual Volunteer.

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Skills-Clutter Organizer
Skills-Concrete Flat Work
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Skills-Data Entry
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Skills-Flooring Carpeting
Skills-General Contractor
Skills-Green Team
Skills-Heating HVAC
Skills-Homeowner Liaison
Skills-Hospitality Coordinator
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Skills-Safety Monitor
Skills-Windows Doors
Please check off the tools below that you would be able to bring to the project, if needed.
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Unfortunately, we cannot accept volunteers who are less than 14 years old. Volunteers from 14 to 18 must have a parental consent waiver signed in order to participate.

Volunteer Waiver of Liability

In consideration of the opportunity to assist as a community service volunteer in a project to repair homes of disadvantaged people, I hold Rebuilding Together South Sound and its directors, officers and volunteers, collectively and individually, harmless from any claims and liabilities arising as a result of my participation in said project, including, and without limitation, any rights or causes of action resulting from personal injury, death or damage to my property.

Permission for Use of Photo for Promotional Materials

To help us spread the word about Rebuilding Together South Sound, we produce a number of promotional materials that are distributed to the public. We request your permission to use your name and photo image in our promotional pieces.
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