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By completing this application, applicants acknowledge:

I understand that submittal of this application is not a guarantee of services from RTMD.

I understand that a member in the home must qualify as being a senior citizen, disabled, and/or a veteran to recieve service from RTMD. The homeowner must also have resided in the home for at least 5 years. 

I understand that RTMD provides home repair services free of charge to low-income homeowners; therefore, RTMD receives more applications than can actually be served with available funding.

I understand that RTMD has three different programs: 

  • Painting and Landscaping
  • Critical Home Repairs (ex: drywall repairs, bathroom modifications, roof repairs, safety renovations, etc.)
  • Veteran Program (If you are a veteran, live with a veteran, or are a widow(er) of a veteran, please choose this program option in the application.)

I understand that RTMD is able to provide free home repair services based on the amount of funding they are able to raise throughout the year from public and private sources; and once funding is exhausted, applicants must wait until funding is secured.

I understand that RTMD reviews applications on a first come, first served basis, and applications may be filtered based on specific project criteria such as:

  • Availability of funding
  • Funding source and specific criteria per funder
  • Type and degree of need (safety, accessibility repairs)
  • Area or neighborhood (target neighborhoods)

I understand that my application must be complete in order to be considered.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

I understand that once I am contacted because my home has been selected, I will need to provide documentation to verify all of the information I have provided in this application.

Proof of: 

  • Household income, all sources, for all persons living in the home
  • Identification of all persons residing in the home (Social Security Card and a Photo ID)
  • Current mortgage
  • DD214 form if you are applying to the veteran program
  • Copy of the most recent electric or utility bill
  • Copy of the most recent water bill 

I understand that I will need to provide the above documentation to RTMD within two (2) weeks of notification in order for my home to remain on their project list.  If I cannot provide this information in a timely manner, my home may be delayed until another project cycle.

I understand that if my home is selected, I will need to be available to meet with RTMD staff for an in-home interview and home assessment(s) to determine the work to be done on my home, as well as in case of inspections.

I understand that if my home is not selected as a project for RTMD within one year of my application date, I may reapply for services.  Applications older than one year are not considered on the active waiting list.


Keep in mind- At this time the following are NOT Eligible: Mobile or Manufactured homes, Town Homes, Gated Communities, Condos, Rental Properties


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